Mission Statement


I deliver practical and reasonable advice.

My clients come to me because of my knowledge, experience, expertise, my track record and reputation for integrity and client’s satisfaction.

My rates are competitive and my goal is to deliver cost-effective legal services expeditiously.

What sets me apart as a law firm is my approach to the lawyer-client relationship. I strive for a personal and meaningful connection. I am dedicated to serve and support, with passion for law applied to my clients’ best interests.
I do not forget that my clients are real people like myself who deserve my time, respect and attention.

I am accessible and communicate with my clients regularly through meetings, personal phone calls, letters and e-mails and also provide educational seminars aimed at those who have no choice but to represent themselves in courts.

I strive for making complex issues simpler. You will find me knowledgeable and eager to share that knowledge to your advantage.